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mercredi 15 février 2006

The fall of an American icon

((written while I was stewing through a grad school lecture about how inclusion is the best thing since sliced bread))

Alexander Graham Bell...
Widely acclaimed for the phone...
Admired for having a deaf spouse...
If people only knew...
The phone was accidental.
The purpose was to eliminate deafness.
He believed that:
Deaf people were a scourge on humanity.
His raison d'être was:
To remove me and my kind from the face of the earth.
He hoped to accomplish this by:
Yes, eugenics.

He may be dead,
but his destructive influence continues to this day.
The AGBAD wields so much power, it's sickening.
It is rich and powerful.
Its representatives are on all relevant boards and organizations.
It affiliates itself with research groups and the medical profession.
It stigmatizes sign language.
It is insidious in its reach.
The list goes on.

Fuck you, Alexander Graham Bell.
You are the Deaf person's Hitler.

2/15/06 17h35 PT