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mercredi 6 septembre 2006

Update: Access, kindness, and cooperation

Mr. Sandman and MishkaZena commented on my previous entry about museum access, rightly pointing out that their saying that there was only one copy was unacceptable. I agree, and I had already mentally composed a letter saying very much what they said. Thank you, Mr. Sandman and MishkaZena, for your eloquently crafted arguments showing that the museum bears most of the burden, by far, for ensuring access for us. I absolutely agree that they need to ensure access and that we need to speak up in a courteous manner when we are denied acccess, yet we need to do our part by returning materials. That said, I think I'll get to that letter now so it goes out in tomorrow's post.


  • At 20:24, Blogger Mr. Sandman said…

    Always glad to help. :) Keep us posted on what happens-- am curious as to museum's response! Could also check up next time you go to see if they followed through.

  • At 18:43, Blogger moi said…

    *nod* :)


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