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mardi 1 avril 2008

Michael Chorost on the rally

I realize Amy Cohen Efron already submitted this link, but it doesn't
work. Here it is again:

I'm heartened to read about how peaceful the DBC California rally was
and about how people are working to build bridges. This is the answer.
It doesn't mean giving up our principles nor our Deaf center, but
reaching out and showing the world how accepting and respectful we
*really* are is going to make all the difference in the world.

UPDATE 4.4.08 20h22: Abbie left a comment to let me know that she had blogged about this and that she wants unity too. Thank you so much, Abbie!


  • At 16:54, Blogger Abbie said…

    I am another one that talked about Chorost and the AG Bell organization. I'm all about deaf unity!

  • At 20:13, Blogger moi said…

    That's fantastic! Thanks for clueing me in - I appreciate that.

  • At 10:40, Anonymous Linda Slovick said…

    There is a new video of the Milpitas DBC Rally with Michael quoting Abbie at:



    - Linda Slovick


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