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jeudi 17 juillet 2008

Sample Attacks and RSS Readers

Irresponsible comments

Hmm. In my most recent post, I've received generally polite comments, even from those who didn't agree, and I thank my commenters for that. However, I received one comment that just could not be allowed through because he called individuals or groups names. In the past, I simply didn't let this type of comment through without saying a word about it. But because of the current situation in DeafBlogLand, I am publishing it in this post and dissecting it to show why I feel this is an example of what none of us should tolerate.
(at 9:14) Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Call For Accountability For All":

Responsibility? The deafhood goons has [sic] hijacked deafread since last May.

Deafhood's favorite modality is bullying others so the mess seen on the deafread sphere is very representative of deafhood.

Richard Roehm
Calling a group "goons" should never be acceptable. I'd say the same if someone called Rachel and Elizabeth of Cochlear Implant Online goons, and I'm saying it about this comment. And blaming the current mess solely on deafhood is unfair. There is plenty of blame to go around.

And please note that how I talked about the comment focused solely on what was said, not on the individual involved. This is an important point.

RSS Readers

On to another topic, RSS feeds. Some people have been asking for subscription lists on blogs, but there's a far better way to be notified when your favorite blogs have new posts. That's to use a RSS reader. I'd like to encourage all of you who want another way to read your favorite blogs to look into using a RSS reader.

There are many options out there, both computer-based and web-based. I love RSS Menu for the Mac, because it puts my RSS feeds right into the menu bar. But I'd hafta install it... and update it on all the computers I use, which gets unwieldy. So I use Bloglines instead, since it's web-based and I can use it on any computer that has Internet access. There are other programs and Web-based readers out there that you can use. Check Version Tracker for computer-based RSS programs to try out. There are other web-based readers that I've heard of, like NewsGator, Google Reader, and others. If you know of any others, please do leave a comment so all of us can learn more.

For me, Bloglines is very, very easy to use. You sign up for an account, and it walks you through the steps easily. The DeafRead team posted a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Bloglines in the early days of DeafRead. There was also a video showing how, but it's no longer there. You do need to scroll down to How to read DeafRead in a RSS Reader, and the instructions are the same for any website. If there is no RSS link on the blog, you can just click on "Add" in the top lefthand corner, type in or copy and paste the blog address itself and Bloglines will look for the RSS feed for you.

A nifty perk is that Bloglines is offered in 9 languages, including French, but c'est moi... *grin*

I'm not here to advertise Bloglines, but to encourage y'all to use RSS feeds to directly access your favorite blogs and vlogs. I personally go to both DeafRead and my Bloglines home page. Which I do first depends on a lot of things at that moment. Experiment. Play. Find out what works best for you. Some of you may want to just stay with DeafRead, which is fine! Some of you may want to move exclusively to a RSS reader, which is fine! Whatever works for you. :)

*I know the person who commented above is a controversial figure in the community, but I will not tolerate any comments that attack him as a person. Any such comments will be rejected.


  • At 17:25, Blogger Joey Baer said…

    Since I left DeafRead, I have been trying out several RSS readers. I haven't found one I like the best but I am using Bloglines right now. (that's how I found your new posting :))

    Looking forward to see what others have to say. If I find something I like, I will share it here.


  • At 18:03, Blogger moi said…

    Thanks, Joey, and I'm flattered! :) I'm curious about what you, and others, find that works well for you/them.

  • At 19:34, Blogger tayler said…

    A (long) while ago, Jared put together a page on how to add feeds to Bloglines. It may need updating, but should work all the same.

    "How to read DeafRead in a RSS Reader"

    BTW, my RSS reader is Google Reader. Give it a try!

  • At 20:18, Blogger moi said…

    Thanks, Tayler! Great minds think alike - we posted the same DeafRead link.

    Thanks for stopping by to offer pointers.

  • At 02:03, Blogger MM said…

    The solution can be easier than you think. If you know a commentator is abusive inform them they are on pre-mod, next abusive comment they are out full stop.

    I have found this works very well, also, do NOT respond to them on other blogs either, because they feed on this too, blank them right out. Respond to others, never to them. I have a hit-list of 5 commentators for whom it is impossible they will ever be allowed to comment on my blog. I'd zap them for trying.

    It is based on noting the very personal abuse they gave me, and in some cases where they posted pornographic (Homosexual), stuff to my blog and launched lengthy tirades of swearing and personal attack.

    It was quite an eye-opener to discover these people were from the deaf community, you wouldn't think it. I've had all this, and spoof blogs set up in my name but not by me, comments to other people's blogs also in my name but not by me also, that made a lot of trouble because they contained abuse of others, and I got the feedback from that, there are some sick people out there.

    I wouldn't hesitate to disagree with a view if I felt that way, I do try to not attach personal attack to it, these people force censorship on us, since their aim is solely, to destroy. I would urge people to check 'comments' and ensure they ARE, from whom they say they are....

    I can tell very much, simply by the tone now, who it is.... Deaf.read can zero out blogs of abuse easily, but comments are another way of carrying it on, so it is down to each of us to check and re-check comments, taylor can't do that.

  • At 09:31, Blogger moi said…

    MM, wow, I'm sorry you've had to endure all that. I'm impressed you're still out there saying your piece.

    You've offered some great tips on how to deal with abusive commenters, and that might be worth putting in it's own post on your site for all of us to consider?

    Roehm, I hope this whole post sent you the message I intended. If not, I'll make it clear. Comments such as the above will never be tolerated here. Focus on ideas, principles, actions, not on people.

  • At 19:20, Anonymous dENNIS said…

    About RSS, I use my Outlook (Email) RSS. I love it because I can control what I like to read or not and also blocking on those I don't want to read. They do give summary what first few sentences from Vlogs/Blogs' messages before you can open a link.

  • At 20:14, Blogger Joey Baer said…

    In last few days, I have played with several RSS Readers. Not until when Tayler suggested Google Reader, I thought Google Reader is most EASIEST to manage. Google Reader will also appear in iGoogle account you create that you can even put everything on one page (news, email, reader, stocks, or whatsoever.)

    Will keep eye on this post for any new comments to see if there's other Reader we should consider?

  • At 11:02, Blogger moi said…

    Thanks, dennis and Joey, for commenting! I don't anticipate more comments, but I'll always accept more suggestions for people to ponder. Thanks, all!


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