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dimanche 30 avril 2006

A Solution!

As I was taking Camilla, my ancient Bug, on her weekly trip around town today, I decided to drive past the local cheap gas station, because she could've used a gallon. (I try to keep Milly as full as possible to prevent moisture getting in the gas tank.)

The price? $3.13 9/10 per gallon of regular unleaded

That's right, ladles and gentlemints. *blink* Other g
as stations were showing $3.27 9/10 or $3.24 9/10. Jeez. And Americans are still buying SUVs and refusing to consider public transportation. Our government is still sinking more transit dollars in freeway improvements than in strengthening public transportation. I have not driven to work on a daily basis for years now, partly due to the environment and gas prices. I have limited my long trips and when I have a choice for longer trips, I take Old Faithful, the economical Honda, and not Sable, my gas-guzzling sweetie. I have thrown fits, ranted at length about the idiocy of Americans, and I openly mock SUV drivers. (I know a few of you reading this own SUVs, and I still love ya, just not yer wheels. *grin*) Among the things I discuss when I do that are: peak oil is probably here or almost here, public transit is reasonably priced, it's less stressful, this is a great area for alternative transportation, hybrids are here, SUVs and 4-wheel drive vehicles for city driving are among the most selfish choices on earth, statistics on accidents, our government needs to stop subsidizing oil prices to keep costs down, our current fuel dependency means our way of life is simply unsustainable, and a lot more. But I want to keep some of ya as friends. *grin* So I won't do that right now. I will simply direct your attention to this wonderful Chron article that would solve so much. The government can and should do much more to control the marketplace. Europe is a small car driver's paradise because of its tax structure. If a car's engine is more than a certain number of liters, it is hit much harder in its annual license fees. Gas is more expensive over there because the EU does not subsidize oil there. I could go on and on, but you get the drift. It's accepted behavioral theory that in order to change behavior, one must introduce pain or reward, and this is true for American choices. It's such a shame Smirk, Scowl and everyone else in government won't go for it. Dave Richards of the San Francisco Chronicle, you are my new crush du jour!!!

P.S. I confess to having had pangs of guilt because I have 3 cars. I have looked in the mirror and scolded, "Bad, bad, BAD tree-hugger!" *shrug* In my defense, 'twas never my plan. I just bought Old Faithful from cuzzin Tom because I was convinced Sable was shot to hell and I couldn't stand going into debt for a new car. That was only after 8 months of intermittent and undiagnosable car trouble and frustration, with the last straw happening when she died on me at 65 miles an hour. I bought Old Faithful after a week of being car-less only to find the following week that my trusty shop had finally diagnosed and fixed the problem for $300. Camilla is simply to indulge the desire that I've had since high school for a VW Bug. At least that's 3 cars that are not used very much and that are not on the road spewing toxins and ruining our environment.