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dimanche 23 avril 2006

The Ultimate Fashion Accessory for Deaf People

This morning at a local museum, in the middle of a tour led by a Deaf docent, I spied what is sure to be a hot trend. (said tongue-in-cheek) And what is this accessory, you ask?


A silver bejeweled cochlear implant glittering on a woman's head above her "hearing aid."

What will they think of next?


  • At 18:29, Anonymous Curious Eyes said…

    I think I know who you're talking about! I've seen it too, or maybe more than one woman has her headpiece decorated like that.... The friend I'm thinking of had hers done by her hearing husband, who's an artist... he's also the one who encouraged her to learn sign language and meet deaf people, long ago. Before she met him, she never knew any deaf people at all, and was ashamed to tell anyone that she was deaf. Now she signs fluently and has lots of deaf friends, still wears her implant too... eye catching, isn't it? In my mind, this is such a wonderful example of Deafhood -- this woman is proud of being deaf, to the point of sticking rhinestones on her implant! And she has a supportive Hearing Ally for a husband, and Deaf friends... it doesn't get any better than this.

    (damn... I keep hitting that wrong key! :-(

  • At 19:36, Blogger moi said…

    That IS cool! It may be a different woman than the one I saw, but that's a neat story! Thanks for sharing.


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