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dimanche 27 juillet 2008

Who Are You? Look No Further Than Your Home.

Last Sunday I was wandering around, exploring open houses in my neighborhood - it's a fun way to spend an afternoon. One house I went in was still cluttered, and it was very clear that the owner had recently passed away. There was a note on the doors admonishing everyone not to let Duncan, the cat, in. Duncan had been adopted by the neighbors but still sneaks in whenever possible. There were a few notes in the living room about what the executor wants, and some boxes that were in the process of being packed up. All the furnishings and the appliances were from mid-century (which I love!). It was easy to imagine this little old lady living out her life there.

The whole thing made me very sad, yet I was very moved. Just by walking through this tiny 1930s-era house, I was able to glean glimpses of what this woman was like. She was a non-smoker (no scent of cigarettes or attempts to cover the smell up, nor any ashtrays or stains in sight), a highly literate person (books everywhere and bookshelves in almost every room), who traveled some (some tchotchkes and travel things were out, but not a lot), and who enjoyed her garden (it was maintained nicely). She enjoyed Sudoku and crossword puzzles (a stack of Dell and Penny Press books were in one bedroom). From looking at what she read, she enjoyed history (both local and national), mysteries, politics, novels, current popular fiction, landscaping, art, and a smattering of other things. There were also playing cards, a television, and a CD/cassette player. I got the feeling I would like this woman very much and that we had a lot in common.

I realize I probably will never know her name, what she died of, what her heirs are like, and what will become of her possessions. But I really feel like I know her in a sense. I'm sad she passed on and I hope it was an easy, peaceful death.

The experience is making me look around my house and wondering what people would learn about me. I have books everywhere and tons of bookshelves too, and my books definitely reflect many, but not all, of my interests. Travel is part of my house decor also. My furniture choices also make a statement in and of themselves. A brightly-colored iMac is prominent in my office. I'm seeing signs of my offbeat personality reflected throughout. Some of my values are obvious from what I've chosen to show and not show so much (only one small TV is visible, for example). I'm taking stock of my house and thinking about whether or not I want to tweak anything that my house is telling people about me.

What does your house say about you? What would you want your house to say about you? You're welcome to leave comments, but if you don't, I invite you to mull these questions over anyway. :)