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dimanche 11 juillet 2010

NAD On the Right Track - Now Us Do-Do?

Wow. NAD has chosen its CEO designate, and that person is Howard Rosenblum! Aidan Mack has eloquently expressed why I feel so hopeful about NAD with his selection. Warmest congratulations to Mr. Rosenblum! I, for one, happily look forward to when you take the reins next spring.

This is a positive step in the right direction, the latest in a string of good choices that NAD has made lately. Thank you so much, Patti, for reminding me of the good NAD has done recently and for lovingly telling NAD what it needs to do in order to get its base back! What NAD needs to do is a mighty long laundry list, unfortunately.

Now that Rosenblum has been selected, this is NOT the time to sit back. Far from it! Our responsibilities FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD include:
Joining NAD or renewing our membership
Putting our support behind NAD
Explictly telling NAD what we expect them to do via letters, emails, blogs, vlogs, Tweets, etc.
Volunteering in whatever way we can to help them
Promote dialogue about NAD's role and responsibilities
Reminding, reminding, reminding NAD what they need to do and where the Deaf center is
Responding to NAD calls for action, such as contacting our legislators about captioning, for example
... and more.
But we must regularly and frequently let NAD know what we expect from them and remind them of where they need to go.

Handwaves to NAD! Go, National Association of the Deaf! Let's meet the 21st century challenges facing us together as a strong, united community with NAD taking a leadership role!