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mardi 5 août 2008

If You Hate Being Shaken Awake, This One Is For You! There's Hope!

Raise your hand if you prefer being awakened by a light rather than being jarred awake by some shaky vibraty thingamajig. Me too, me too. 

I seem to be very hard on alarm clocks for some reason, and I suspect it's because I use the snooze button quite liberally. I am *not* a morning person, no matter how hard I try. This leads to replacement of alarm clocks every couple of/few years, unfortunately. I always make sure I have a back-up alarm clock.

This means planning ahead, since we can't exactly wander into our local drugstore or megastore and pick up a teensy, cute alarm for 5.95 plus tax. Deaf agencies have by and large done away with their Deaf Stores, since they were money pits for the agencies. The Internet to the rescue for many of us... (those of us who have *access* to the 'Net ... and many of us don't.)

The last time I needed alarm clocks, I was able to go to my local Deaf Store and pick some up. Imagine my shock when I looked at the displays and saw only *one* clock that I could plug a light into... a SonicBoom clock. And I have the *worst* luck with 'em. I'd gone through three in one year at that point. Every other type of alarm clock I've ever had lasted at least one year. Dismayed, I asked the shopkeeper about plug-in light options. She whispered to me,
"I know. Isn't it awful how the alarm clock manufacturers have stopped making plug-in alarms? I've gotten so many complaints from customers. But I have just the thing for you! This company, DeafWorks, is a small outfit in Provo that modifies alarm clocks so they can be plugged in. A few just came in last week and I save them for customers like you."
In alt, I bought two, thanking her profusely. They've served me well, and they were *cheap* compared to other alarm clocks out there.

I'm now taking stock of my alarm clock inventory, and ... urk. Time to think about making sure I have back-ups that work. 

I find alarm clock vibrators one of the cruelest inventions known to man. They fall off the bed, they move where they can't rouse me, they give me an awful headache if they're too close to my head, they scare me, and they put me in a foul mood for the rest of the morning. I. Cannot. Stand. Vibrating alarm clocks. I'll tolerate my Sonic Shaker pinned to the bottom of my nighties when I'm traveling, but that's about it.

So why in blankety-blank *would* alarm clock manufacturers decide that we all need vibrating alarm clocks? Manufacturers, if you read this, take heed: We *want* options. There are those of us who prefer being awakened more naturally than being rudely roused with shaking things that don't stay where they're supposed to stay, create lumps under the bed/pillow, and induce people to produce strings of expletives every morning. 

But I digress. There is hope for those of us who want, need, and expect plug-in lights. There are only two alarm clocks on the Harris Communications website that I could find that are not Sonic Boom clocks: the Hal-Hen and the Wake Me Up. Both are rather pricey and they're *huge*, which is not a good thing when your nightstand real estate is limited. DeafWorks to the rescue! They offer three options, the Original, the Futuristic, and the Jumbo, all for less than $47, and two for less than $40! Thrillsville!

There's hope, there's hope!

PS - if there are any other online retailers of Deaf products, please leave a comment for all of us - it would help us know where we can go to shop. Thanks! *smile*

*Disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been, employed or affiliated with DeafWorks. I'm simply a happy customer. :-)


  • At 19:25, Anonymous Anonyme said…


    Check this out, it seems awesome.

    -- Kate

  • At 22:27, Anonymous Anonyme said…

    Another reason to hate shakers for those of us California-born and bred: they jolt us awake and make us think we're in the middle of an earthquake. It's an awful way to wake up!

  • At 14:41, Anonymous Anonyme said…

    I too used to have problems with my Sonic Boom alarm clocks. They seemed to quit on me after less than a year, and I never did anything to harm 'em. Finally, I hooked one up to a surge protector strip and it worked like a charm! My theory is that Sonic Boom alarm clocks are very sensitive to changes in the house electric currents and/or circuitry. Possibly, a surge of electricity through the clock made it short out or something. I'm on my current clock for 3+ years now, whew! they are expensive, but I prefer this brand to all the others.

  • At 17:11, Blogger moi said…

    Kate, wow, that does seem terrific! Thank you - it's going on my list!

    California-born and bred, very good point.

    Anonymous, really? That makes a lot of sense. I remember positively babying my third Sonic Boom alarm clock and being so frustrated when it gave out in a few short months. I live in an older house so that could be what happened to mine. Thank you for sharing!

  • At 11:45, Anonymous Anonyme said…

    Disclaimer: I do work for Harris Communications. Just wanted to comment that the Hal-Hen clock (mentioned in the original blog) is smaller than the Jumbo alarm clock from Deaf Works and is $49.95 retail with no vibrator. And shipping is $7.00.

  • At 19:17, Blogger moi said…

    Thank you, Anonymous Harris Employee, for the info! :)

    I listed the Jumbo from DeafWorks, in order to make sure my readers knew of the full range of options for plug-in clocks, but I find the Jumbo too big myself. I'd order one of the two other ones myself.

    The pricing and size information for the Hal-Hen are available in the link I provided in the blog. I had mixed feelings about posting your comment, because I don't want my blog to be used as a vehicle for marketing. I decided to allow it, and I really appreciated your disclosure. Thank you for your integrity, and thank you for commenting.

  • At 09:01, Anonymous Anonyme said…

    I'm with you...I hate hate hate the vibration type alarm clocks. I actually use a sonic boom...I had no idea they were about the only ones out there :-P. (I tried their vibrate thingie once -- my ex had to peel me off the ceiling.)

    Interestingly, I've never had issues with my sonic boom. I've always had it on a power strip b/c outlets are at a premium in my house...who knew :-)

    If I'm travelling, I clip my cellphone to my shirt, that's marginally OK, but it still makes me jump. Meh.


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